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Meet The Team

Dominic - The Boss

Launched the company in 1992. Knows cars. Knows people. Likes customers to drive away happy.

Tries to recapture his lost youth by pulling on motorcycle leathers and cruising around East Anglia on his BMW R1200RT.

Has recently taken to gardening in a big way too – proving that no amount of motorcycling will keep you young forever.

Loves curry, theatre and live music. Tries to keep pace with his sons Shaun and Liam – but it’s a tall order.

Motto: “Life is for living”

Shaun - Sales Hero

When it comes to cars, he’s knowledgeable and helpful. Still keeps an eye on our valeting bay that he used to run.

Into bikes as well as cars. Rides his White Suzuki GSXR K8 600cc at every opportunity and burns up tyres during track day events at Snetterton.

Also into Snow Boarding – a real adrenaline junkie – and seeks out the best snow in Austria.

Regularly works out at the gym and plays soccer for Southwold Town FC. Does he ever sleep?

Motto: “Hit the road Jack”

Liam - Sales Champion

Knowledgeable sales specialist who is completely tuned in to the car market and what people want.

Still keeps an eye on our forecourt presentation as it used to be his main focus.

Easy to recognise – he’s 6ft 5in (our very own BFG).

Represents Beccles at squash and competes at County level.

Likes a set of four wheels beneath him and dreams of driving a Ferrari Enzo. (Yeh, right)

Into music. Hip Hop, R&B and 80’s. Cool dude.

Motto: “Chill”

Christine - Queen of Co-ordination

Wife and business partner to Dom, mother and chief ‘chaser up’ of Shaun and Liam.

Works behind the scenes and brings a woman’s touch to the company.

Likes to spend time with daughter Shelley and granddaughters Shannon and Crystal in Essex.

Enjoys retail therapy at Castle Mall, Lakeside, Bluewater, Oxford Street – well, anywhere there are shops really.

Motto: “Go for it”

Maria - Number Tumbler

Handles the accounts, sorts the paperwork and balances the books. Just like that.

O.K. so Maria is not strictly family – but she feels like family. And of course she has a young family of her own to look after - which is why we only chain her to the desk on a part time basis.

Motto: “Stay balanced”

Paul - Mr Polish

King of valeting. Highly experienced. Makes pre-owned cars look like new – inside and out. (Check them out for yourself)

He’s easily found – just follow the fishing line he’s attached to. Whether it’s leisure or competition, our ‘Mr Polish’ can frequently be found lazing on riverbanks throughout East Anglia. Has exceptionally long arms through repeatedly demonstrating his latest catch. (Yeah, right Paul…)

Motto: “It was this big – honest”

Fred - Doctor Fixit

Our ‘go to’ man for anything out of the ordinary. Armed with his famous code breaking computer software can diagnose and fix an issue before you can say “stethoscope”.

While other engineers are still standing around scratching their heads, Doctor Fixit has pulled the problem apart, solved it, and put it back together again. He should have been a magician. (Perhaps he is!)

Motto: “Say Aaaah”

Benson - The Godfather

Sure to make you an offer you can't refuse.

Tickle my tummy and scratch my legs or I'll give you my puppy dog eyes.

Loves snoring on the setee, welcoming our lovely customers and generally being rather cool. 

Motto: “When you can't find the sunshine - Be the sunshine”